About HexTile

HexCore is proud to be able to offer the highest quality large format Italian porcelain through our collaboration with a truly world class innovative manufacturer that epitomizes the definitions of luxury, design, engineering, creativity and versatility to deliver essential material for all applications, even the largest projects. Through our unique distribution model we are excited to be able to offer this luxurious product line at attractive price points, providing inspiration for your imagination and project aspirations.

HexTile tiles are dry pressed porcelain slabs that provide the maximum degree of durability and workability of porcelain stoneware with the highest PEI ratings available (PEI 5). With confidence HexTile can be utilized for almost any application imaginable, from floors to vertical walls, furniture, tables, worktops, doors and the interiors of RVs, yachts and cruise ships.

The tile is available in many sizes, from the largest on the market in 320x160 cm (6 mm thickness) and 324x163 cm (12 mm thickness), to the more traditional 60x60 cm (10 mm thickness), for a complete and versatile project. The two different thicknesses address specific technical constraints in different designs contexts.

6mm, ¼”

The 6 mm thick version offers a lightweight option which is extremely practical in the field of interior design and furniture, as well as for curtain walls or wall tiles mounted with a direct bonding method.

12mm, ½”

The 12 mm thick version offers higher mechanical strength. This thicker option is recommended for the production of kitchen counter tops, tables, and chairs.

Why Choose Dry Pressed Porcelain?

How HexTile Is Used

Tabletops and Floors

HexTile can be used to create countertops and tabletops of any shape and size, using a base slab measuring 320x160 cm for the 6 mm version and 324x163 cm for the 12 mm version. This extraordinary material guarantees stunning designs offering all the technological advantages of porcelain stoneware and allows floors and walls to be coordinated with the furniture featured in all the surrounding spaces.

HexTile Options

HexTile's decorative book matches features marble and natural veining ideal for stylish designs with a sophisticated mood.

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