As we are the distributor for IMI Design in Canada we have had the privilege to work with many large design firms and several architectural millwork design facilities. We have been working with L'Ébénisterie St-Patrick (ESP) , an innovative cutting-edge millwork facility in Eastern Canada that specializes in production and design requirements for multinationals in the retail, hotel, and restaurant industries. We have supplied another unique IMI panel design to this group for design testing and specification for their Montreal airport project. We are excited to be collaborating on this particularly important project.

IMI Design

We have introduced imi-beton to the North American market which is an exterior cladding product designed in Europe that has continually displayed remarkable popularity and growth year over year. The product is the imi-beton basalt panel and is based on basalt stone, consisting of a highly compressed rock wool core and an approximate 1mm thick imi-beton mineral coating. When evaluating this basalt panel against any typical fiber cement board it can be immediately seen that the alternatives are not truly comparable. The basalt panel is light weight and displays less than 0.05% moisture absorption, it is near impervious to freeze-thaw, displays less than 1% expansion-contraction rates, can be applied at grade, is fireproof by its very nature, and can be installed with open spacing as the moisture will not warp or swell the basalt. These large format panels are less than half the weight of a fiber cement panel and because of the density of the basalt, the panels are considerably stronger, are easy to cut with standard sawblades and do not expel silicate particulate when cutting.

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Over the years of working with architects and building envelope engineers, in designing panel anchoring/rainscreen systems we understand the importance of aligning with an internationally recognized whole building envelope solutions partner.

SFS Group is that partner with the Nevelope product line. They provide us with all our commercial and large-scale residential building scope designs, from basic anchoring systems for our various panels to complex engineered drawings that compensate for thermal bridging, peak wind loads and all the complex project requirements. SFS works internationally with architects and engineers to constantly re-evaluate and evolve envelop design solutions.