Water Works Ponds

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Adrenaline Studios
January 29, 2021

Water Works Ponds

We have installed free standing natural slate 3/4”-1 1/4" slabs for our projects for over 15 years now. These slabs looks great when installed but they are difficult to handle for installation and were increasingly difficult to source to the point where we cannot even source them in the sizes we need anymore. Our installation crew is not getting any younger and the slate slabs seemed to get heavier over the years. Cutting, handling and installing has always been a challenge with the natural stone slabs.

Hexcore offered a revolutionary solution for us - colourful real stone slate veneers with unique natural stone visual characteristics, identical to our full 3/4” stone slabs. Hexcore offered lightweight mounting options with many different backers to custom suit our installations.

We found this product easier to transport, easier to carry to site and easier to install. Hexcore’s products have drastically reduced our installation labour, increased safety and greatly reduced risk of injury.

Recently, we installed a 20’ tall feature wall slab at the Conservatory in Kelowna, which would not have been possible for us with traditional slate.

Hexcore was very easy to work with and provided us with many different options and solutions that we would not have been aware of otherwise. We have found that their line of products have been useful for us in many different custom applications.

Our customers get a quality product that will last a lifetime that looks like stone, feels like stone because it is real stone.

- Water Works Ponds