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January 28, 2021


About The Project

We became involved with the Staples new store design concept through one of Jackman Reinvents designers. Jackman Reinvents design team worked closely with Staples senior management team to produce Staples revolutionary new store design and layout. It was at this time the senior construction manager of Staples contacted us to explain their unique design requirement.

The Challenge

The challenge we were presented was to provide large format concrete panels from our Richter Light Beton panel line out of Germany, that met their new metro-infused industrial design aesthetic that was required to flow throw the entire store. However, they required a feature wall that was 14 feet high and 20 feet long that was framed with aluminum studs, drywalled and not structurally designed to carry heavy loads like that of traditional concrete finishes. Our panels had to be thin and lightweight with dimensions of 4 feet wide by 10 feet high and with a total thickness of 7 millimeters. Note: this panel had to be strong enough to stand upright without breaking and then to have a second row to be stacked above the first row and light enough to be within wall bearing specifications.

The Result

This is what we do, we specialize in providing unique panel designs that are light weight, high strength core materials attached to our unique veneers that provide unique application and installation solutions. It was because of our unique core designs that provide these solutions that we were awarded the first two Staples flagship locations.