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January 28, 2021
Architectural Products - Advanced Architectural Products
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February 11, 2021

Adrenaline Studios

About The Project

Recently we worked with Cutler Design Group and Peregrine Build to supply unique lightweight concrete wall panels, manufactured by Richter®, that were designed and assembled to realize their Adrenaline customer specific design aesthetic. It was an honor working alongside these two companies and to be able to support the realization of a completed retail design space that is amazing and inspiring.

The Challenge

The grand entrance between the store and the studio has a concrete finish that allows unique CNC engraving deep into the Light Beton panel. If this would have been a standard precast stone or concrete it would be too heavy and cost prohibitive to produce and for more difficult and complex to work with to achieve the desired finish.

The Result

The solution we were able to provide was the Richter Light Beton, which is a 2mm thick real concrete veneer, mounted to MDF so it can be processed and finished with traditional woodworking and cabinetry tools and techniques. This facilitated their millwork facility (Acorn) the ability to create a beautiful and seamless design with this product while displaying all the industrial design characteristics of formed concrete.